O’Neills Pair with H360

O’Neills is one of the top sportswear providers on the island of Ireland, specialising in GAA sportswear for teams across both hurling and gaelic football leagues. The company’s sheer size means it has multiple office and production facilities across Ireland. With these facilities and a large number of staff, O’Neills contacted H360 to purchase some HanSan 1000 units to ensure all their staff and visitors are thoroughly sanitised and safe. 

When purchasing the HanSan units, O’Neills loved that H360 products are engineered for life, meaning that they are sustainable, functional and made to last. These uncertain times leave organisations worried about how long these high-level safety standards are necessary, the HanSan units are made to last, giving confidence that they will help to see you through to the other side. 

O’Neills ensures quality in all the products it designs and creates and found a company with similar goals within its design and implementation in H360. Having this connection made it easy for O’Neills to choose H360 to uphold its hygiene standards, as Kieran Kennedy (Managing Director) explains- 

“The HANSAN 1000 hand sanitiser unit is a high-quality hands-free sanitising solution. The slim design fits perfectly in our reception and is set off with our branding on the top. Visitors have commented favourably on the foot pedal design. The units were delivered quickly and we highly recommend Hutchinson Engineering.” 

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